Great Sex
By Michael Castleman
copyright © Michael Castleman, 2003-3009
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Hello and welcome. I’m Michael Castleman, author of Great Sex. I’m a longtime sex educator and according to Library Journal, “one of the nation’s leading heath writers.” But I’m also a pretty regular guy. My penis is just like yours--a little too small. In my twenties, I was plagued by coming too soon (rapid or “premature” ejacualtion), and I had a brief bout of not being able to come at all. Now I’m in my 50s and I’m experiencing the balky erections men typically develop as they grow older.

But using simple, do-it-yourself sex therapy techniques, I cured my rapid ejaculation in just a few weeks. I’m not bothered by ejaculatory difficulties. And despite some normal, age-related erection balkiness, I continue to function fine sexually. You can, too.

Sex is perfectly natural. But it’s never naturally perfect. That’s why I wrote Great Sex--to help my fellow men overcome their sex problems, and become the confident, self-assured lovers they’d like to be. There’s also an added benefit of the program in Great Sex: The woman in your life is likely to become more sexually enthusiastic and responsive.

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